Visa Secure

Visa Secure — formerly known as Verified by Visa — is a security protocol developed by Visa to enhance the security of online transactions. The program provides an additional layer of authentication for online purchases to ensure that the person making the transaction is the rightful cardholder.

It uses advanced technology to assess the risk level of transactions and prompts the cardholder for a password or other forms of authentication when a risk is detected. This additional step helps to prevent unauthorized users from making transactions on the cardholder’s behalf, thus providing an extra level of security.

Visa Secure is part of a broader effort by Visa and other payment networks to increase the security of online transactions, which are more susceptible to fraud than in-person transactions. The program leverages advanced algorithms and real-time analysis to assess the risk level of a transaction and determine whether additional authentication is necessary.

This approach helps to minimize friction for low-risk transactions while providing robust security for higher-risk activities.