Payment Orchestration Layer

The Payment Orchestration Layer is the component of a payment orchestration platform that integrates with various payment service providers, gateways, and systems. This layer handles the routing, orchestration, and management of payment transactions, providing a seamless payment experience across multiple channels and regions.

It acts as the intermediary between the business’s systems and the various payment providers and gateways, managing the communication and data exchange between them. This includes the following:

  • translating payment requests into the appropriate format for each provider
  • routing transactions to the most appropriate provider or gateway
  • managing responses and confirmations

The payment orchestration layer also handles tasks such as currency conversion, fraud screening, and risk management. By centralizing these functions within a single layer, businesses can reduce the complexity and overhead of managing multiple integrations, while also benefiting from enhanced functionality and control over their payment operations.

Ultimately, the payment orchestration layer enables businesses to provide a seamless and optimized payment experience for their customers, regardless of the payment method or region.