No Point-of-sale Device? No Problem!

Do you need to complete an in-person transaction without using a point-of-sale (POS) device? Nexio’s virtual terminal* allows merchants to access the array of tools and features like gateway failover, fraud protection, and more through the Nexio Dashboard, no POS required. A virtual credit card terminal allows a merchant to enter the credit card information into the Nexio Dashboard. You can use our virtual terminal for Card-Not-Present transactions: like customer calls and orders over the phone. The virtual terminal requires a computer (tablet, phone) and internet connection

  • Great for lower volume monthly transactions
  • No upfront POS hardware to purchase
  • Access the Virtual Terminal right in the Nexio Dashboard
  • Accept all major debit and credit cards for domestic and international transactions
  • Authorize/process transactions in real-time
  • Access an additional payment processing method for your business
  • Compatible with our gateway failover feature, fraud prevention, and more

Using a virtual terminal is useful for service-oriented businesses. Lawn care, pet grooming, delivery, lawyers, accountants, medical offices, and other businesses that take orders over the phone or in person. Explore your options for using the Virtual Terminal by contacting Nexio.

*NOT for e-commerce purchases – the customer still would use the shopping iframe

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