Embed lightning-fast onboarding in your platform

Vertical SaaS and ecommerce platforms use Thunderlyte to launch and scale their embedded payments strategies.

Quickly activate payments for your customers

Thunderlyte simplifies and automates the application and onboarding process. Enable customers to sign up for payments seamlessly and without friction.

Monetize payments and increase your business valuation

With Thunderlyte, you can make the onboarding process nearly invisible. Reducing effort in the application process will make it easier for your customers to convert and process payments on your platform.

Use Thunderlyte APIs to submit KYC requirements and bank information for your customers. This method only requires a digital signature for activation and eliminates the need for clunky application and underwriting experiences.

Harness the value of your platform to monetize payments

Embedding rapid payments onboarding in your software and selling through your feature set will make it easy for your customers to adopt and for you to monetize. Take focus away from price and commodity. Increase revenue and margins by leading with the benefits of your platform to sell payments.

Thunderlyte vs PayFac

Thunderlyte delivers simple onboarding at lightning speeds like a payment facilitator but without the complexity, risk, and compliance challenges.


Future-proof your embedded payments strategy

Platforms use Nexio to develop embedded commerce strategies for the future. We’ll help you make the critical decisions today that will empower you with options as your strategy evolves over time.

See Connect to gain insight on how Nexio is helping software companies transform into payments companies.

Power up your platform with lighting-fast onboarding

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