Harmonize your payment flows in real-time

Implement seamless payment routing strategies that increase authorization rates, minimize transaction fees, and maintain business continuity. Reduce the complexity of managing multiple payment service providers by orchestrating your payments through Nexio with Route.

Implement redundancies and failover strategies

Working with a single gateway or payment service provider leaves sales and revenue vulnerable. Declines, outages, or poor service will disrupt your payment flows. Route uses gateway failover switches to automatically direct transactions to back up gateways.

Create efficiencies and balance

Multiple variables factor in when configuring payment flows for each transaction. Route uses intelligent transaction routing logic to direct each payment to optimal gateways, resulting in fewer declines, less fees, and more balance across the open payments network. Reduce customer friction and churn by combining Route with Nexio’s Vault to route transactions with shared tokens.

Increase your ROI

Send your payments to the most cost-effective gateways and payment service providers. Route helps sellers increase payment performance and save up to 25% in processing fees.

Call the shots

Route enables sellers and platforms with more control over business outcomes and strategies. Don’t get locked into gateways and payments service providers that limit your options and ability to scale your business.

Optimize your payment routing flows now

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