Block fraud, not sales

Sell with confidence by filtering the legitimate from the fraudulent. Prevent integrates seamlessly into your payments flow enabling you to easily manage risk and beat fraud.

Filter the bad from the good

Prevent creates personas of every transaction to help online sellers assess risk level and threats. Avoid and block bad actors by analyzing their transaction history, chargeback events, and buyer behavior.

  • block digital fraud in real-time
  • customize risk thresholds
  • automate approve and decline decisions
  • increase acceptance rates
  • reduce false positives
  • lower fraud costs
  • access and analyze dynamic insights

Set it and forget it

Prevent uses automated and adaptable machine learning that proactively evaluates the trustworthiness of each transaction. Screening rules and parameters around each transaction evolve independently to be more precise and reliable. Constant queries and assessments run in the background to optimize your fraud protection strategy, growing stronger over time.

Embed advanced fraud protection into your payment stack

Nexio’s Prevent has partnered with Kount, an Equifax company, to help sellers and platforms conquer digital fraud.

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