Retail ISO

A Retail ISO (Independent Sales Organization) is a third-party company that is contracted by a credit card member bank to procure new merchant relationships.

Retail ISOs typically have direct contact with merchants, and are involved in the sales, customer service, and sometimes the underwriting and risk management aspects of the business.

As they act as intermediaries between the merchants and the banks, they play a crucial role in the payment processing ecosystem. Retail ISOs may offer a variety of services including payment processing, point of sale systems, and business financing.

It is important for Retail ISOs to maintain strong relationships with both the merchants and the banks, as they are responsible for ensuring smooth transactions, resolving any issues, and complying with the rules and regulations of the payment industry.

This requires a deep understanding of the merchant’s business, the payment processing landscape, and the specific requirements of the card networks and banks. In addition, Retail ISOs often need to invest in technology, staff training, and marketing to effectively serve their clients and grow their business.