Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants (MATCH)

MATCH is a system created by MasterCard that tracks businesses and their principals whose merchant accounts have been terminated for cause. These could include reasons such as excessive chargebacks, fraudulent activity, or bankruptcy.

The database lists businesses and their owners that have had their merchant accounts terminated. Banks and other merchant account providers check this list when considering whether to approve a merchant account application.

Being listed on MATCH can make it significantly harder to obtain a merchant account. This system is crucial for financial institutions to manage their risk effectively by avoiding doing business with merchants that have a history of problematic activities such as excessive chargebacks, fraud, or violation of the card network’s rules.

Once a merchant is added to the MATCH list, it is quite challenging to be removed. Even if a merchant manages to resolve the issues that led to their addition to the list, their name will typically remain on the list for at least five years.

This underscores the importance of maintaining a clean processing history and addressing any issues proactively before they lead to a MATCH listing.