Global PFAC Program

The Global Payment Facilitator (PFAC) Program offers a structured pathway for technology or software companies to establish themselves as Payment Facilitators on an international scale.

As Payment Facilitators, these companies can provide comprehensive payment processing services to their customers, spanning from credit card processing and payment gateways to ancillary payment-related services.

By being part of the Global PFAC program, they can simplify payment processing for their clients, helping them to manage multiple currencies, navigate various regulations, and adapt to different payment preferences across the globe.

The program also creates opportunities for software companies to diversify their revenue streams, as they can derive income not only from their primary software or services but also from the transaction fees collected in their role as a Payment Facilitator.

However, becoming a Payment Facilitator also entails a higher level of responsibility, as these companies are required to adhere to a range of compliance requirements and to manage risks associated with payment processing.