Platform and service overview
for Kount’s sales team

Designed to empower Kount with knowledge and incentive.



Payments are ever-changing, complex, and fragmented


Without a future-conscious payments strategy and optimized stack, growth blockers will emerge


A complexity that enters a merchant’s payment stack and inhibits their growth.


Nexio helps merchants develop a future-conscious payments strategy that eliminates growth blockers

01 | CONNECTIVITY | Expand into new markets with access to a global network of processors and gateways

02 | CONTROL | Avoid gateway lock-in by controlling their data and tokens

03 | SECURITY | Protect their sales and customers by preventing fraud and reducing chargebacks

04 | OPTIMIZATION | Make transactions smart to increase authorization rates and minimize processing costs

05 | RECOVERY | Save lost sales and reduce decline rates

06 | REDUNDANCY | Create contingency plans for declined transactions, gateway outages, and processor disputes

07 | ADAPTABILITY | Keep their payment stack modern with access to new technologies and connectors

08 | STABILITY | Process with reliable payment service providers that help them stay compliant


Because merchants need an adaptable payments growth platform that simplifies complexities, scales business, and maintains competitive advantages


Nexio powers businesses that:

  • Need to diversify with multiple payment processing connections
  • Desire merchant account redundancy with a sophisticated payment service provider well-versed in supporting complex compliances for industries subject to fraud and chargebacks
  • Are seeking global expansion by accepting payment methods modern consumers use today
  • Wanting to improve authorization rates and recover revenue lost from declined subscription payments


Qualifying questions:

• How are you processing payments today?

• How effectively are you able to manage multiple merchant accounts?

• Do you have gateway or merchant account redundancy?

• Are volume limitations from your processor limiting your growth?

• Have you had any issues with downtime?

• What is your reserve situation?

• What challenges do you have with your current processor?

Incentive program

For each qualified lead referred over (regardless if it closes, but needs to be qualified)

If the deal closes and processes $50k or more in any one month in the first 3 months

If the deal closes and processes $250k or more in any one month in the first 3 months

If the deal closes and processes $1m or more in any one month in the first 3 months




For lead referrals or general questions about Nexio or the incentive program, please get in touch with Nikky Kuykendall at | 801.623.4000 x173