Design and launch your embedded payments strategy fast

Connect helps software platforms easily build and deploy custom embedded commerce strategies.

Monetize payments
and increase your business valuation

Connect lays a path to own your customers’ payments service contracts. Because you own the payments service contract, you have the level of control, adaptability, and payments revenue that is attractive for strategic buyers.

Build your payment strategy
on your own terms

With Connect, CEOs and revenue leaders develop their embedded commerce strategies with flexibility and freedom. Adapt your strategy based on what’s right for your business now without the concern of blocking future opportunities.

Power embedded payments through a single platform

Accelerated time to integration

Go live ASAP with our streamlined and cost-saving development experience.

Rapid customer onboarding

Drive revenue with automated and frictionless customer onboarding utilizing Nexio’s Thunderlyte.

Risk-free payment acceptance

Accept standard and alternative payment methods without taking on any associated liability.

Simplified operations

Delegate operational responsibility and outsource as much or as little as you want.

Grow and scale as needed

Easily scale into international markets and always maintain the option to register as a payments company.

Get your customers up and running fast

Use Thunderlyte to deliver lightning-quick onboarding experiences. Drive revenue and conversion rates by activating payments for your customers swiftly and without friction. Compete with the speed of a PayFac without becoming a PayFac.

Think of payments as a strategic asset

Strategic buyers are on the hunt for software platforms that have embraced embedded payments as a revenue driver and value multiplier. However, simply implementing a payments solution is not enough to demand attention from investors.

In many cases, investors are seeking out payments portfolios that are easily migratable to payment vendors in their network. Without ownership and control, the asset value of the payments portfolio is limited.

Connect puts SaaS platforms on a path to own and control the payments portfolio and build asset value that will help command a higher exit multiple.

Develop embedded payments into a strategic asset


Start integrating now

Get selling faster with a quick & elegant integration experience.


Develop embedded payments into a strategic asset


Start integrating now

Get selling faster with a quick & elegant integration experience.