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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Nexio and Direct Sales

January 16th, 2020


1. What is Nexio?

Nexio is a payment hub: it programmatically connects direct sales merchants, through their software, to a full suite of payment services. Nearly all direct sales companies use one of the 20 back-office software partners. This back-office software has to manage all the direct sales payment chaos.

2. What is payment chaos?

The payment industry is complicated and requires certain standards. Managing credit card information, PCI compliance, credit card tokens, terminal support, account updater, multiple domestic gateways, multiple international gateways, fraud prevention, transaction reporting, 3D Secure, webhooks, retail and e-commerce, e-checks, alternative payment methods, fighting chargebacks, CVC check, AVS check, ACH payments, and more are part of that chaos. Nexio manages all of these details and more. Merchants want to find one solution and Nexio partners with these back-office software companies to provide one solution to manage the chaos.

3. What are some of the benefits of Nexio?

Nexio is neutral and can use multiple gateways to provide gateway failover when a gateway is down, allowing the merchant to continue processing without any missed transactions. Nexio also uses neutral tokens, whether imported from another provider or creating their own, which allows the tokens to be used in different gateways,

Another benefit is that Nexio is scaled for growth. As merchants grow, Nexio manages multiple Merchant Identifications (MIDs). If a merchant wants to expand internationally, Nexio has connections with international processors and gateways and understands and complies with international laws.

With the popularity of subscriptions or monthly auto-ships, Nexio also has an Account Updater feature. Customer support teams no longer have to call every expired cardholder to get new details, allowing those subscriptions to be fulfilled month after month. 

4. How hard is it to integrate Nexio?

Nexio is a complete provider of payments. Nexio is an API. The merchant’s back-office software integrates into Nexio, Nexio routes to the gateway, and Nexio integrates with the merchant’s processor. With one integration, the merchant gets domestic and international gateways, alternative payment methods, e-check processing, retail iframe, 3D secure, tokenization, fraud prevention, an e-commerce iframe, terminal support, AVS check, CVC/CVV check, and PCI Compliance. And, all of this is managed from one dashboard! Here at Nexio, our Integrations Team works with the merchant’s dev team to facilitate the integration, which can take as little time as one week.

5. Does Nexio connect with more than back-office software?

Nexio was built to integrate with back-office software and has proven to be successful in many different sales verticals. Nexio works with other industries such as medical, dental, sign companies, storage facilities, hospitality and lodging, and more. Nexio manages the chaos of payments for any merchant industry!

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