Outdated Customer Information is In the Past

Suppose you’re a merchant with recurring billing for auto-ship or subscription programs. In that case, you know the frustration and expense of hunting down outdated customer information when a card declines due to out-of-date credentials.

When enrolled in Account Updater, credit cards on file are automatically updated when a new card is issued. You’ll have fewer transaction rejections from expired cards, outdated card numbers, and incorrect security codes.


Tokens associated with customer payment information are stored securely in the Nexio Vault

1. Nexio solicits the card networks
daily for token updates.

2. Card networks return updated
card data for applicable cards.


3. Tokens are updated within
Nexio’s secure vault.


 – Reduce customer friction and credit card declines, which increases revenue and overall customer satisfaction –

– Increase revenue with more authorization approvals and fewer declines –

– Fewer checkout delays due to declined cards or out-of-date credentials –

– Reduce costs associated with contacting customers for valid payment information –

– Increase retention rate and minimize the risk of cancellations –

– Seamlessly integrate with Nexio’s tokenization technology for maximum data protection –

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