Quickly enable frictionless 3D Secure

Easily comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandates for online selling.

Keep your payment stack in compliance

Regions worldwide are responding to increased fraud by enforcing SCA. In mandated regions, ecommerce merchants are required to comply by implementing cardholder authentication (3D Secure) for all transactions. Nexio enables online sellers to easily enable or disable 3D Secure requirements when necessary.

Make the buying experience predictable and simple

3D Secure can introduce friction within the checkout flow. The process redirects customers to their banks’ website for authentication before they make payments resulting in a fragmented checkout. Nexio helps sellers alleviate the disruption and friction of 3D Secure by creating predictable and streamlined buying experiences.

Fight fraud with an added security layer

Shift chargeback liability back to the issuers with successful 3D Secure authentication. Enhance your fraud strategy and minimize vulnerabilities by adding an additional layer of protection.

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