A Second Layer of Security

If you are worried about fraud protection, 3D Secure (three-domain secure or 3DS) is an additional tool you may need. Some countries, including those in Europe, require that you have 3DS in place. The process is straightforward: The card issuing bank enrolls the credit cards in a 3D Secure program. This allows the customer to provide additional authentication when using their card for online transactions.

Nexio has gateways that allow you to accept these 3DS enrolled credit cards and provides the iframe for your shopping cart. When completing the transaction, the customer uses the prompt to type their additional password. If the password is invalid, then the transaction is denied. 3DS is similar to two-factor authentication.


Accept cards enrolled in 3ds

Although not required in every country, adding this feature into your payment processing allows you to accept credit cards enrolled in 3DS.


Keep money in your pocket

Nexio is already integrated with 3DS, so you don’t have to spend big bucks to buy a Merchant Plug-In, saving you money.


Reduce chargebacks

Reduce your “unauthorized transaction” chargebacks – the customer will know what they have purchased.


Lower liability

Your customer’s secure password is not captured when processing the transaction, so you are at a lower risk because you aren’t storing any customer information.


Multi-layer security

The additional password is not stored with the personal payment information associated with the card, thus reducing stolen credit card fraud.

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